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Parsippany Shavuos 2017

The KMR Dining Experience

At KMR, our team of experienced master chefs, planners, designers, and servers work together seamlessly to present you with the delectable and exquisitely-presented Yom Tov fare for which we are known.  Our high standards of quality and Kashrus are world-renowned. But it is the true and genuine warmth offered by KMR that makes all the difference.

For Shavuos, we are excited to explore the sweet and creamy side of our catering abilities with fresh and natural, original dairy recipes; rich and satisfying festive Yom Tov meals; and an endless supply of tasty, enticing between-meal delicacies for your family’s pleasure, all tastefully and thoughtfully presented.

Tea Room

The KMR Tea Room, features delicious pastries, seasonal fruit, gourmet nuts, and, of course, a rich selection of gourmet teas, coffees and other hot and cold beverages waiting for you to brew and mix to your taste. Our emphasis on nourishing, nutritious food choices means guests will leave feeling energized, invigorated, and ready to seize the day.

On-site Bakery

Chef Udi will be with KMR for Shavuos, working with his pastry team to present you with luxurious flavor experiences, including praline hazelnut, bourbon-vanilla bean, Belgian chocolate marble, and dulce de leche cheesecakes -- among others -- every morning -- along with real, artisanal, buttery scones in fresh-baked blueberry, cranberry, orange zest, chocolate chunk and exciting jalapeno cheddar varieties.

Crafted pareve and dairy gelato and sorbet, panna cotta, cannoli and more... the choices only keep expanding with our chef's enthusiastic imagination.

Let KMR's award-winning chef Udi Ezra show you pastries the way they were meant to be...


The special Yom Tov of Shavuos gives us the opportunity to treat you to imaginative dairy pastry delights, with a meticulously catered Kiddush after Davening, served outdoors, weather permitting.


Our decor and distinctive specialty stations will be under the talented and original guidance of David Scharf and his capable DS Productions team.


KMR provides a rich variety of fine wines from the world’s best vineyards.

Aperitifs and mixed drinks are offered prior to some evening meals, and of course, our selection of excellent vintages is always on hand to enhance your Shabbos and Yom Tov seudah according to your personal tastes.

Children's Dinner Hour

For your convenience and your children’s comfort, early dinner will be available for the kids each evening  from 5:30 to 6:30 p.m.

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