Kashrus Shavuos
Parsippany Shavuos 2017

Kashrus at KMR

Our Winter and Summer retreats are led under the leadership and guidance of either Rabbi Moshe Permutter or Rabbi Reuven Dorfman, both, leading authorities in the field of Kosher supervision and certification.

Our standards

The foundation of our hospitality is our gold standards of Kashrus under strict and expert rabbinical supervision.

At KMR, we recognize the critical importance of kosher supervision—and are dedicated to ensuring that the highest level of Kashrus is always maintained.  We serve strictly glatt kosher, shechita of the highest halachic standards, and only cholov yisroel dairy products.

Glatt kosher  Strict shechita standards  Cholov Yisroel  Reliable and well-known Rav HaMachshir

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