Health and Wellness
Palm Springs Winter 2020

Welcome to Wellness at KMR!

A refreshing new way to enjoy the inimitable KMR Experience.

KMR is excited to be working with Beth Warren Nutrition! The KMR culinary staff led by Michael Shick, in conjunction with BWN, now offers you healthful, delicious foods and dishes at every meal.  With our usual luxurious presentation and attention to detail, you'll not only get away on an ideal KMR vacation, you'll feel great about it, too.

In additional to healthful, delicious food, as part of our Wellness at KMR program, you'll also have the chance to participate in live cooking demos, take in Palm Springs on guided walks and hikes, build strength and cardio fitness, and get the benefit of a personal nutrition and fitness plan, fully optimized for you!

The Putting Yourself First: Body and Soul Program offers you physical and emotional benefits in an easily accessible format designed for your health and happiness, right here at KMR.

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Beth Warren is a nationally recognized registered dietitian-nutritionist, blogger, and author of Secrets of a Kosher Girl (Post Hill Press 2018), and Living a Real Life with Real Food (Skyhorse 2014). She has shared her expertise with multiple publications, including Glamour, Shape, Prevention, Men's Fitness, The NY Post, Women's Health, and WebMD.


Includes a variety of fitness classes, as well as a comprehensive body composition analysis with report, fitness test including strength, posture, balance, and flexibility, understanding of your current lifestyle and exercise preferences, one-on-one training to address physical injuries and review fitness goals, and pre-and post-stay tests and questionnaires to measure your results.


Enjoy an individual session with our dietitian to review your current diet and lifestyle, and consultation on meal plan options so you can reap the benefits of results beyond the experience.


Join us behind the scenes for mouthwatering, healthful cooking demos, with takeaway recipes and useful tips. How to "treat yourself" on Shabbos, making healthy cocktails, mastering chopping techniques, and more, are on the agenda.


Gain knowledge and insight at one or all of Beth Warren's stimulating on-site workshops. Learn tools to create life balance, mind-body integration, and build a better quality of life. We'll cover eating, nutrition, and behavioral health topics.


Take it outside into nature on an inspiring morning hike. Our afternoon fitness classes will mix it up for variety, featuring yoga, kickboxing, pilates, and cardio interval training.




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