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Henderson, Nevada Pesach 2019

Nevada Thrill  Rides

There are those who come to Nevada to relax. Then there are the adrenaline junkies. You're also known as thrill seekers, and you know who you are. You come here to scream and shout while being whipped around at 70 mph on a heart-pounding roller coaster. Or to lose your lunch while dangling in mid-air on a ride 855 feet above the ground.


With only a harness and T-bar separating you from the concrete floor 50 feet below, the Inverter gives new meaning to the term hang tight. More Info


Motion Rides at Circus Circus' Adventuredome

Produced by a crack team of filmmakers, animators and special effects wizards, the four-minute ReBoot the Ride is the latest film to take advantage of the popularity of the Internet. More Info


Sling Shot

A quick and fun ride, the minute-long Sling Shot is a must-ride attraction at the Circus Circus Adventuredome, and one of only six of its kind in the United States. More Info


Stratosphere Tower

View the city in 360-degree panorama at the Stratosphere Tower. More Info


Frog Hopper

A mini version of the Turbo Drop, Frog Hopper allows children to experience the fun in a seven-seat car that contains 1 adult seat. More Info



From the top of the first hill, a tunnel burrowing into the desert looks like an anthill. By the time the Desperado rams through it, the train is careening at about 80 mph. More Info



Soar across the Fremont Experience beneath the Viva Vision canopy on an exciting two-level zip line and zoom line. More Info


Vegas Indoor Skydiving

Not everybody wants to jump thousands of feet from an airplane. For the curious, yet not entirely daring, there's the thrill of indoor skydiving. More Info


Voodoo Zipline

Zip 800 feet above the Las Vegas Strip between the Rio hotel's two towers with speeds up to 35 miles per hour. More Info

dolphin safari

Adventure Canyon

The crew at Buffalo Bill's has shown what a little ingenuity can do -- it turned a once boring ride into a novelty that may start showing up in theme parks across the country. More Info


fishing trip


Only in Nevada could you find America's largest indoor theme park encased beneath a five-and-a-half-acre glass dome, complete with pink trim. The Adventuredome is exactly what its name suggests -- a thrill-seeker's delight. More Info


Big Apple Coaster at New York-New York

This state-of-the-art roller coaster, located 3o min. form the hotel, incorporates high velocity and inversions, including a unique heartline twist and dive. More Info


Big Shot

A two-second, 160-foot launch up a tower is startling. Doing it 1,000 feet in the air atop the tallest building west of the Mississippi is downright terrifying. More Info


Canyon Blaster

Designed by Utah-based Arrow Dynamics, the Canyon Blaster crams four inversions into the tight confines of the Adventuredome. More Info



Taking the Tilt-a-Whirl and Scrambler to new heights, Chaos has passengers spinning, tilting and flipping like never before. More Info



Ascending 90 feet before diving backwards at negative 1.5 vertical Gs, this crazy coaster zips through turns at dizzying speeds. More Info


Sky Combat Ace

Whether you want to be the next Top Gun or World War I Flying Ace Snoopy, Sky Combat Ace will make you the fighter pilot of your dreams. More Info



SkyJump Las Vegas is a "controlled free fall," with riders on a vertical zipline diving 855 feet from the 108th floor of the tower, reaching up to 40 mph. More Info

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