Chol HaMoed 2018
Henderson, Nevada Pesach 2019
KMR Chol HaMoed Experience

The KMR Chol HaMoed Experience will feature an unparalleled array of eye-opening lectures, interactive workshops and dazzling performances. Sit back, relax and allow our on-site programming to transform your Chol HaMoed into an immersive, enlightening and entertaining experience.

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KMR Pre Yom Tov Spa

 Erev Yom Tov Spa: Book your hair, makeup and/or nail appointment at the KMR Pre-Yom Tov Spa. Go into Yom Tov feeling refreshed and looking your best! Friday, March 30th & Thursday, April 5th. Located in the  Elements Wellness Center.

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KMR Personal Trainer

Personal Trainer: In addition to a daily ladies fitness class, male and female trainers will be available for half hour sessions between 8-10 AM throughout Chol HaMoed on a first-come, first-served basis. Monday, April 2nd - Thursday, April 5th. Located in the Elements Wellness Center.
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KMR Guided Tours

 Enjoy a safe, unique, and unforgettable journey though remote areas of Southern Arizona. Book a guided mountain bike or hike adventure with us today. Tours leave from the lobby at 11:00 AM.

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KMR Recording Studio

Experience the magic of a world-class recording studio when you record a Jewish music classic in our professional recording studio. Recording sessions are available on a first-come, first-served basis. The studio will be located in the Mesquite Room, on Thursday, April 5th.

Recording Studio Experience

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