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Banff Alberta July 2018

The Spas at Fairmont

 Willow Stream Spa

When was the last time you let go of your responsibilities and devoted time just for yourself? The constant stress of moving in fast-forward, with no break can wreak havoc with your energy and health. We invite you to come and catch your breath, find your balance again and just enjoy.

Some of our guests want to spend time purely pampering themselves. Others relax best when they spend time improving their golf game. At Willow Stream, where the atmosphere is connected to the landscape, we offer spaces for quiet reflection, as well as opportunities to recover after your 36 holes of golf or 8 hours of moguls. We are specialists in creating just the right atmosphere for you to spend time focusing on you - just the way you want to.

A spa vacation at one of our resorts gives a chance to do the things you love for the thrill of sheer enjoyment as well as boosting your energy. These resorts and urban oasis' are the perfect playgrounds for kicking back and having fun. A round of golf, watching a sunset or laughing with friends over a delicious meal are all great pastimes and a perfect compliment to your spa experience. (We also specialize in helping you mix a little relaxation into your business life if that is why you are staying with us!)

Returning to your busy life, the time you have spent on your own well-being by just having fun, helps you perform with more energy as you face your daily pressures and responsibilities. Fast-forward is now combined with a little recovery and a key to your healthy future.

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