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  • Stowe Bowl
    Stowe Bowl
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    A boutique bowling lounge, first opened just last winter.                                                                                            …

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  • Stowe Golf Park
    Stowe Golf Park
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    The Stowe Golf Park is a public sports facility, centrally located on the Mountain Road. It consists of an 18-hole putting course and mini-kiosk. The course has been professionally designed as a miniaturized golf course which strives to simulate a real golf environment and experience. While keeping score, players of all ages can “read” the…

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  • Smugglers Notch Resort
    Smugglers Notch Resort
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    Purchase a Smuggs Daycation ticket and enjoy all the great benefits of a vacation at Smuggs! Includes: Mountainside Water Playground, Notchville Park, Rum Runners’ Hideaway, Bootleggers’ Basin, The Ozone, The Go Zone, Miniature Golf, Mountain Bike Park and Rentals, Guided Hikes and Walks In The Green Mountains Of Vermont.                              …

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  • Stowe Soaring
    Stowe Soaring
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    Enjoy an unforgettable experience – a smooth and graceful ride on silent wings. Our highly experienced pilots will give you the ride of a lifetime. If you are adventurous, they will show you beautiful maneuvers and give you a chance to fly.                          …

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  • Paragliding
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    See the beautiful hills of Vermont from hundreds of feet in the air, without the stress of worrying about controlling the paraglider. Tandem paragliding puts you in the driver’s seat without any of the worry. With tandem paragliding in Colchester, you are strapped to a highly qualified instructor who leads the way, so you can…

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    Enjoy a bird’s eye view of the Green Mountain State with a hot air balloon ride. Discover the splendor of a Vermont sunrise and the sublime beauty of sunset as the last rays slowly fade behind Mount Mansfield.                                  …

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  • Lajoie Stables
    Lajoie Stables
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    Your guided trail tour will begin on a hand cut trail through our serene woodlands. Upon exiting the grove of Blue Spruce and Pine trees, the mountain views will take your breath away. Mount Mansfield and Smugglers’ Notch stand proud and majestic above the tree line. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced rider,…

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  • Horse & Carriage Rides
    Horse & Carriage Rides
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    We will begin our journey through a charming covered bridge on a winding wooded trail in the woods. Spectacular views of Mt. Mansfield, Vermonts highest peak. Let our gentle Percheron and Belgian draft horses pull your choice of five vehicles. We offer three Elegant Carriages. Our new Victorian or old fashioned surrey both for romantic…

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